Ultimate Guide to Franchising
Avoiding Scams, Making Smart Investments, and Better Decisions

The franchise industry is booming, and entrepreneurs are wondering about how this sector works. This ebook aims to help aspiring franchisees achieve their business goals.

What Will You Get From This Book?

It has useful information that covers topics related to franchising. Separate tips are also available to help entrepreneurs in their decisions.

Franchising 101

Learn all the basics of franchising: from its definition, types, and functions.

Important Legalities

Avoid the pitfalls of ignoring the law. Understand all the essential rules related to franchising and business operations.

Integrated Strategies

Contains chapters arranged in a way that all related concepts are grouped. The mentioned strategies will make readers ready and confident in owning a franchise.

Wise Investment

Consider franchising as an alternative investment that can fulfill your dream as an entrepreneur.

Choice for OFWs

Franchising gives OFWs the option to own a business that will generate passive income for their families

Holistic Franchising

Everything you need to know about franchising is in this book. A holistic approach is used to explain all concepts in detail so that every reader can understand it most effectively.
As someone coming from a failed venture in franchising three years ago, I really wished for a guide that existed to help me avoid those mistakes and save hundreds of thousands. Well, I just found one. In this guide, I discovered about questions necessary to ask franchisors, what the whole process looks like, and of course, how to find great franchise businesses indeed. I learned that franchising is just like starting a business; it requires a lot of work. Everyone should let go of the concept that franchising is a cash cow without any sort of work involved. The truth is it is still a business, and there are a lot of aspects one should learn and do for it to succeed. This guide thoroughly shares all of those things. This was the guide I was looking for three years ago, and I highly recommend this to anyone getting started in franchising. Don't make the same mistake as I did, get a copy of this Ultimate Guide to Franchising before you even think of getting into franchising!
Dave Visaya

Chapters Included

Ultimate Guide to Franchising Ebook
  • What is franchising?
  • Facts About Franchising
  • Why franchise in the Philippines today?
  • Why choose the franchise over other investments?
  • Selecting and Buying a Franchise
  • Franchise Legalities
  • What to ask from a franchisor?
  • Things That You Should Not Do As a Franchisee
  • The Red Flags in Franchising
  • Franchise Success Stories
  • Top 50 Most Viewed Franchises on Franchise Market Philippines

Key Takeaways

  • Learn all the basics of Franchising 101
  • Understand what it takes to become a franchisee/franchisor
  • Discover franchise opportunities
  • Let OFWs understand why franchising is also a wise investment
  • Avoid the pitfalls and scams in franchising
  • Leverage one's entrepreneurial skills
  • How to be a successful franchisee
  • Be part of the economy's booming industry

Who should read this book?

This book is designed for everyone interested in franchising, whether you are an aspiring franchisor or franchisee.


Business people/Entrepreneurs





Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
"As a franchise holder myself, this book had given me great and positive insights and strategies on how to engage and be profitable in the world of franchising. The basic and rudiments of franchising, which we often neglect, whether intentionally or through sheer ignorance, were carefully explained in simple and understandable terms in this book, for which a franchisee neophyte, or even in business in general, would have an upperhand and great advantage in this highly competitive business world, having this powerful tool at his disposal. It is but highly recommended that any potential franchisee, or even a current franchise holder, MUST purchase this book in order to gain new, practical, and insightful wisdom so as to avoid unnecessary and serious mistakes, which often times would be costly, expensive, and time-consuming, and in effect, derail, and even hamper your way to success."
Michael Esparagoza
"Interested with franchising business but don't know how to start? I recommend this ebook for you. This will surely give you tons of tips and information on how to be successful in your franchising business. All you need to know about Franchising is already discussed in detail in this book. I find it very helpful most especially for starters."
Josephine Chua
Financial Advisor
"As I go through the first few pages, I find that the book is easy to read, informative and easy to understand and interesting. It gives me good insights and points, as to what are the things that Should be considered when we try franchising in the future. I recommend this book specially to those who are not business minded like me, this books will surely open your mind to many possibilities and get you thinking".
Lou Ejanda
Lou Ejanda
Nurse, OFW(Saudi)
"A well-outlined and fairly detailed crash course on franchising in the Philippines. It is a concise and insightful manifesto that educates and gives you a broad overview of franchising. A must read if you are wanting to scratch the surface of your entrepreneurial itch or simply looking for an on outlet to invest your hard-earned money on.".
Lou Ejanda
Jieo Castro
Interior Designer, OFW(Dubai)

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